Archives & Artifacts

OCCHS Archives Department 
The department contains thousands of photographs, documents, maps, illustrations, recordings, interviews and misc. items pertaining to old Colorado City, El Paso County and the Pikes Peak region.

We recently converted our General collection into categories so pictures can easily be identified by their subject matter. If you are looking for a particular subject, drop by our bookstore and ask to see the category list and/or make an appointment to look over the photographs under your subject in our Archives department. Our photographs cover a good portion of the Pikes Peak region from the 1860’s to modern day including the revitalization of the Westside in the 1970’s

We also have large photo collection library.

Copies of any of our photographs are available to you as long as they are for personal use. The fee schedule is as follows:

Paper Copy: 4” x 6” $2.00 Printer scan
  5” x 7” $3.00 Printer scan
Premium Card Stock: 4” x 6” $3.00         Printer scan
  5” x 7” $4.00         Printer scan
Photo Paper: 4” x 6” $5.00 Digital Scan
  5” x 7” $10.00 Digital Scan
  8" x 10" $15.00 Digital Scan
Professional Print 8" x 10" $25.00  

Larger and/or custom orders will be priced based on customer needs and quantities. Usage fees may also apply to above.

Examples of photographs available:

example1 example2 example4 example3

The Ellis, McKnight and General document collection features thousands of  paper records from unpublished manuscripts to the history of  the towns in the Pikes Peak area. Finder lists make it easy to insert your category into our computer and find reference(s) on your subject.

This department is responsible for storing and cataloging all of our three-dimensional items and uses them in rotating displays in our main exhibit room. Here you will find a large pharmaceutical collection, toiletries equipment, mining artifacts, household items, cooking utensils, toys and games, furniture, etc. If we have something and it’s not on display, you can make an appointment to see it.

In order to fulfill our museum statement, we depend on donations of historic artifacts, photographs and archival materials. If you have any items of the Pikes Peak region within our mission statement, please contact us at (719) 636-1225.