Satellite Guided Walking Tour of Old Colorado City

OCCHS Goes Hi-Tech
Visiting Old Colorado City by iPhone and iPad

Many people today are absorbed in the world of gadgetry and hi-tech electronics (cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, etc.)  They want the world at their fingertips anywhere they happen to be at the time. Most people don’t even own a camera anymore as one is built in to their portable devices which take a fairly good picture, but thank goodness, digital SLRs are still around.

OCCHS asked ourselves the question, “How are can we reach more people and teach them that the present is a continuation of the past?” In September, 2012, OCCHS made a bold effort to do just that.

If you own or have access to an iPhone, an ipodtouch, or an iPad (OS4.0 or greater,) you can now take a Walking Tour of Old Colorado City by downloading the app on your phone click here for download.

Walk down West Colorado Ave and a few of the side streets and stop at any one of fourteen locations OCCHS picked for this program. After you have downloaded the “free” app from the iTunes App store, select one of the stops and look at the building in front of you.

Then look at a picture of it from forty to one-hundred years ago on your iPhone. Switch to another screen and learn all about the building from years past on its history page. Another screen will show you a detailed map of Colorado City and the exact location of where you are standing thanks to the GPS feature built into the program. There is also a short history of Old Colorado City itself and, of course, generous information about the OCCHS.

Some of the sites you will be able to visit using this app are the Colorado Building, now the Michael Garman building, the Templeton Building, the former Stockbridge home (now the Amarillo Motel,) site of the Tappan Building (the first frame business structure in Colorado City,) Thunder & Buttons building (where you will learn about “Prairie Dog O’Brien and his two Elk,) the John Garvin cabin in Bancroft park, the Carnegie Library building, the Jacob Schmidt Saloon and the Church our OOCHC is housed in. As time goes on, we will increase the number of stops and hopefully have an app for smart phones.  GIVE IT A TRY!!