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Doors open at 10:30am, programs start at 11:00am (unless specified otherwise) - seating limited due to maximum occupancy established by fire dept. (Society members Free - Non-Members $5.00)

April 14, 2017 - Friday 11:00AM
History of Boy Scouting in the Pikes Peak Region
Presenter:​ John H. Brown
This program will provide an overview of the history of Boy Scouting in the Pikes Peak Region. Marking their 100th anniversary of scouting in our region, a committee of interested leaders in scouting (David Krzemien, Jim Yagmin, Barb Sweat and chairperson John Brown) poured through newspaper clippings, internet information, interviews and anecdotal records to create the pictorial narrative of the story The Pikes Peak Region Scouting Story 100 Years 1916-2016. The history of boy scouting is told best through this publication. Location: OCCHS

May 12, 2017 - Friday May 12 11:00am
The Heritage of the American Cowboy - through music
Presenter: Keith Franzen (Major Pikes Pete)

This program will provide an overview of the history of 'cowboy' music in America and Colorado. Although the cowboy is truly an American mystique, the cowboy arose from the vacquero traditions of northern Mexico. Later, the cowboy reigned in Texas where cattle grew wild with few natural enemies. By the end of the civil war, there were an estimated five million of them - one fourth of whom were African American. The golden age of the cowboy was 1866-1886 - a period of open range and cattle drives. The arrival of the railroad made a dramatic change in the cattle drives, and consequently, the life of the cowboy. Cowboy music around the campfire and along the trail prevailed as a rich part of our American history. The program will also include music from a prolific American songwriter: Stephen Foster. Location:OCCHS

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